when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


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founders & their common rooms - hufflepuff basement


NEW Sailor Moon UFO prize figures from Banpresto!



Very creative use of a magic mirror, Nana…

this some next level selfie game


#irl princess bubblegum

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So for my birthday, I originally wasn’t going to do too much of anything, but then I thought about the fact that this will be the last birthday that i’ll be down here in FL for anyway, so I decided to do something after all.

That being said, i’m having a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday (age be damned) and made up a fun little invite for my cousin.  I picked a pretty blue paper that I made the envelope out of, and the cream colored cardstock with Mrs. Potts on it is the actual invitation.  For the RSVP I made a front/back card of the Beast asking for her to join him for dinner, lol, with the back saying “Yes” or ” I’d rather starve” and him pointing all incredulously.   The RSVP envelope is Lumiere during the Be Our Guest number, lol.

I’m excited, y’all!  I think it’ll be fun :D 


Yaya Deng For Yen Magazine by Renee Carey

'Bolden' Movie Casting Call for African American Teens and Adult Actors in Atlanta



‘Bolden’ Movie Casting Call for African American Teens and Adult Actors in Atlanta

‘Bolden’ Movie Casting Call for African American Teens and Extras in Atlanta.

Marinella Hume Casting is looking for African American men and women ages 12 to 40 to work on the upcoming feature film ‘Bolden’ filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is the passion project of Hyatt Hotels heir and writer/director Dan Pritzker, who has reportedly funneled millions into the film. Anthony Mackie (“The Hurt…

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They are looking for black women with natural hair of all sizes 18-40 

as well as men and children

it’s a period piece so you get to wear costumes!!!

Y’all better try out! I wish I could




Super cosplayer Jay Justice

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One of the best cosplayers in the game



The way she tried to handle her keys omfg

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